What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life?

There are certain stages in our life when we ask ourselves the meaning of life and our purpose for living. During these times, we are unsure of the decisions that we’ve taken and our direction to where we should go.

If you’re currently asking what to do when you don’t know what to do with your life? Then we can help you with our guide in this article. 

When you start asking your purpose in life, it’s important to remember to ask the right questions to yourself and figure out what to do next. 

By asking yourself what inspires you, what have you done, and what scares you the most, you can summarize the main reason why you’re undergoing this stage.

The next thing that you would want to do is to evaluate your values, analyze your strengths and opportunities, and seize the moment to experiment on what you want to do the most.

In this article, we will discuss the steps that you can do to advance in your current situation. With some perseverance, determination, and discipline, you will be able to answer the questions yourself and figure out what you should do next.

Asking the Right Questions to Yourself

Asking the Right Questions to Yourself

Sometimes even when you have a supportive partner, good-paying job, and a loving family, you still feel that something is missing. You may still feel unfulfilled and that you’re just going through the motions of life and not understanding the end goal or your purpose. 

In this section, we will discuss the different questions that you can ask yourself to know the root cause of your anxiety or uneasiness. This will help you pinpoint where you’re currently at and where you want to be. 

With these hard-hitting questions, you will not only learn the current standpoint of where you are right now, but you will also find out what needs to be changed for you to move forward.

1. What would the younger you think about the current you?

All children are born innocent which is why they like to fearlessly explore their surroundings and look at everything in a positive and fun way. Because of this authenticity, they see life with a different perspective no matter the situation. 

Deep down, all individuals still have the inner child within them. You can consider this as your authentic self. If you listen close enough, you will notice that you can reconnect with it and discover the passions that you had long before you suppressed them.

Think of yourself as the inner child and ask these questions:

  • How did you look at the world around you?
  • What kind of activities do you enjoy?
  • Are you currently undergoing specific situations in your life right now that you’re having difficulty with?
  • Are you hiding certain parts of your inner child to fit where you are right now?
  • As the “adult you”, what do you want the “inner you” to experience?

2. Who are the people that you like and why do you admire them?

Having the right mentors and role models will help you have a meaningful life and help you achieve your goals faster. Write the individuals who you like and list down the characteristics and achievements that you admire about them.

This can help you discover the qualities that matter to you and know your inner core values.

3. What are the things that you want to get rid of or change in your life?

When asking yourself this question, it’s important to lay down the current situation you are in. Maybe there are a lot of things going right for you right now, but you’re having a hard time recognizing these possibilities and opportunities.

There’s also a chance that you’re experiencing some difficult times right now and you need to face the challenges ahead of you.

The first thing that you would want to do is to list down all the things that you are grateful for, the events where you feel satisfaction and joy.

The next thing that you would want to do is to list down in a separate paper all the challenges that you’re facing including the things that you would like to change. 

During these sessions, it’s important to be honest with yourself while considering the following items:

  • Relationships: Compare the people around you. List the people who are toxic and only bring you negativity to the people who lift your spirit and encourage you to do better.
  • Life Habits: Try to think if you’re eating nutritious food, are you staying active by exercising every day or going to social events, and if you’re getting enough sleep regularly.
  • Routine: Consider your daily routine? Are you doing the activities that you love or are you taking too many tasks and you’re just flowing through life?
  • Career Path or Work: Are you happy with the current path that you took or are you yearning for a different career? Are you considering changing career paths or wanting to study a different course?

4. What inspires you?

Even if you have everything that you need to have a comfortable life, there are certain cases where you don’t feel inspired and empty to what you’re doing.

Finding inspiration from the people around you, the work that you do, or the hobbies that you want to pursue is easier said than done.

If you want to find your hidden passion in life, here are some of the things that you would want to think about:

  • What activities or adventures intrigues and excite you?
  • If you can pursue your dream job, what would it be and what would you do?
  • If you had all the money and time at your disposal, what would you do with it? What will be your priority?

5. What has been your lifelong ambition?

Deep down inside, we all have a certain intuition or an idea of our inner calling. Were you able to pursue your passion or did you have to push it aside and be an adult who needs to answer their responsibilities in life?

For you to be able to push past your current situation and not know what you need to do with your life, it’s time for you to reconnect with your inner self and rediscover yourself again.

The first thing that you would want to do is to rethink your current work situation. Start asking yourself these questions:

  • What are you doing and why are you doing it?
  • When you talk to yourself, do you imagine doing a different job that inspires and satisfies you more? What job is it?
  • Does your current job make you feel satisfied or are you doing it to pay the bills?

Although we all need to answer all our responsibilities, it’s still important for us to be happy because life is too short to not enjoy it. Moving forward means that you have to take certain risks.

We’re not telling you to quit your job altogether, but you may find satisfaction with doing your job as a hobby or part-time work first and see how it goes later on.

6. How can you serve other people?

If you ask people what can make them happy, the usual answer that you’ll get is by having a big house, a nice car, or taking long vacation trips.

According to science, helping other people is one of the key ingredients to feeling happy. This means that the more you help other people, the happier you’ll likely be. 

Try to pay attention to what the people around you need and see if you can offer your services to them like volunteering or being involved in a charity.

You can support your community by simply helping conserve the environment around you, adopting an animal, or providing supplies for the needy.

7. What do you want to do every day?

Think about what you want to do every day. Whether it’s 20 minutes or an hour a day, doing what you love can help you improve your overall well-being.

Being consistent in your day-to-day habits is important. Whether it’s a short walk in your neighborhood, painting, playing an instrument, or doing a sport, do what will make you feel happy and inspired.

8. What do you want to do before you die?

Imagine all the things that you want to do in your life. Take your time and list down all the things that you want to achieve or the activities that you want to do.

Whether it’s a small idea like learning to play a new instrument, learning a new language, or trying out a sport, write it down on your list. It can also be your big goals in life like starting a family, owning a small business, or moving to a new city.

If those things may seem too much for you, you can start with smaller things like going out with your friends, going on a vacation, or changing your daily routine. With the list that you’ve created, you can reignite the hidden passions that you have and rediscover yourself.

9. What scares you?

When you’re in a roadblock of not knowing what to do with your life, you need to think if you’re having difficulties with the challenges that you’re facing or if you’re afraid to chase the dream that you always wanted to achieve.

Everyone has fears and this protects us from facing difficult situations. But this protection also hinders us from achieving what we want to do in our life.

Limiting yourself and your imagination is not only a lonely feeling experience, but it’s also dangerous because we stop ourselves from achieving our truest potential.

With all the items that you’ve listed on what you want to achieve before you die, narrow down the list that you’re most afraid to do and try to do them as soon as possible. Not only will you be able to face your fears, but you can also explore and expand your limitations.

Decide What You Want to Do With Your Life

Decide What You Want to Do With Your Life

Now that you know what questions to ask yourself and you’ve answered most or all of these questions, the next thing that you would want to do is figure out what to do next with your life.

Everyone yearns to find the right direction in their life and you mustn’t get overwhelmed and confused when you try to do so.

To discover the things that you need to do to advance in your life, here are some things that you need to consider.

1. Examine your life’s purpose

Although society has told us that there’s a right recipe to achieve success in life like getting good grades, going to a good school, finishing school, getting a job, starting a family, and buying a house.

Doing all these things may help you have a comfortable life, but this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be satisfied and fulfilled with what you do.

If you need to find yourself and rediscover your passion in life, listening to the external expectations of society will not help you achieve it. What you need to do is to look inwards and start asking yourself the right questions.

Examine your life’s purpose by following your inner passions and hobbies by accessing your mindset and using your unique gifts.

You’ll find your purpose by learning how to use your skills and talents to help the people around you and do what you love the most.

2. Evaluate your life’s values

The foundation of a building can determine how long it can withstand nature and wear and tear. Just like a building, the foundation of your life is determined by your values and beliefs.

Knowing what matters to you the most, the decisions that you make, and the actions that you take should be aligned to your core values. Some of the core values that you can look at are:

  • Family
  • Connections
  • Career
  • Freedom
  • Status
  • Creativity
  • Service
  • Beauty

List down the beliefs and values that you think you have and narrow them down to 5 core values. Think about your everyday actions and see if it reflects on the values that you’ve chosen.

If you think that your actions do not coincide with the values that you believe in, then you should consider changing some of the things that you do.

3. Explore the activities that you enjoy and passions in life

When you don’t know what to do with your life, it’s important to go to your roots and find the things that you love to do. Don’t immediately think that you need to do something drastic like changing courses or career paths.

Rather, explore the hobbies that you enjoyed doing and see if it’s your main passion in life.

Try to incorporate your hobbies into the skills and knowledge that you have. Through doing your hobbies, you can feel the passion inside you and make you feel inspired. By improving your hobbies, you may even be able to create a sustainable living out of them.

4. Analyze your strengths

Knowing your strengths can help you attract opportunities that are fit for your skills and let you achieve your full potential faster. Consider what you’re good at doing naturally that you can practice improving.

Think of the tasks that you regularly do and receive praises for doing a good job. If you’re unsure of your strengths, you can use a tool like the DISC profile assessment that lets you know of your strengths and how you can improve them.

5. Examine your career designation and choices

While you’re assessing your strengths and core values, you will be able to narrow down the career paths that you can choose from. May it be pointing to the current career that you have or to a new direction, you must consider all possibilities. 

To make it easier for you, you can include in your list of core values the strengths that you have. Once you’ve completed the list, you can take note of the possible career designations that you can choose from.

Narrow down the list and try to connect them to the activities that you enjoy doing. Ask yourself if the choices that were left can help you make a living. Does it make you happy, fulfilled, and satisfied?

6. Assess your opportunities

Once you know your strengths, you would want to assess the opportunities around you. If you think that your strength doesn’t suit the current career path that you have, don’t jump ahead and quit your job.

Instead, do some research on the possible careers that you can take that are according to your strengths and personality.

After doing your research, think if you need to study or learn additional knowledge on the path that you would want to take.

See if you can start it off as a part-time business or job. Assess the current marketplace if you think you can have a brighter future compared to the current job that you have.

Here are some things to consider:

  • If there’s a lot of competition, would you be able to stand out? Can you offer unique products and services that your customers or clients will choose you over the existing professionals or companies?
  • Choose a niche industry that is related to the career path that you want to take and see if you can succeed.
  • Ask yourself if you need additional education or training for you to be able to have a competitive advantage.
  • Do you have any mentor or friend that is currently involved in the market or career that you want to pursue? Can they guide you to achieve your goals?
  • Would your risk be able to pay off? Would the cost for your services or products be able to pay for the expense that you paid for the training and education that you need to qualify?

7. Observe other people or take field trips

Sometimes, when we feel too cramped up with our surroundings, finding inspiration in other people or a new environment is the only thing that we can do.

Exploring other communities, taking a trip to a new city, attending an event, or going to a new museum can be beneficial for your mind and body.

Discovering new things is not only fun, but it can also inspire you. This can also help you look at your current situation from a new perspective.

You may notice new opportunities and possibilities that you haven’t noticed before. Spice up your world by going to new places or meeting other people that may inspire you.

8. Learn and get inspired

With the innovation of technology, it’s now easier to learn new things from the internet, podcasts, and other media. Thousands of resources are at your disposal, waiting for you to read them, learn new things, and get inspired.

All you have to do is take some time off your day and open your mind to the opportunities around you.

If you’re not fond of reading, there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts that you can choose from. Discover new ideas, hobbies, and skills that you haven’t learned before.

9. Experiment

When you don’t know what to do with your life, it may be the best time to experiment with new things. Discovering your self-purpose is difficult which is why you must explore the world around you and your inner self as well. 

Take the inner child in you, be open-minded, and try the uncomfortable things that you thought you would never do before. You might find yourself enjoying your freedom and the new things around you.

Once you do this, you’ll notice that you’ve become adaptive to what life can throw at you. You may discover your full purpose, grow as an individual, and expand your knowledge and skills.


Not knowing what to do in your life is normal and millions of people have undergone and are still experiencing it right this moment. Don’t feel afraid because there are many things that you can do to move forward and rediscover yourself and your life’s purpose.

Remember to always look back at the inner child inside you, take the hobbies that you enjoy doing, and never stop learning.

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do With Your Life - Conclusion
Joe Davies