26 Quotes on Innocence To Help You Grasp It’s Meaning

Here are some quotes on innocence that will help you grasp the significance of this precious commodity:

quotes on innocence

“Remaining childish is a tremendous state of innocence.” 
John Lydon

“Innocence is thought of as charming because it offers delightful possibilities for exploitation.”
Mason Cooley 

All things truly wicked start from innocence.” 
Ernest Hemingway 

“I might have some character traits that some might see as innocent or naive. That’s because I discovered peace and happiness in my soul. And with this knowledge, I also see the beauty of human life.”
Tobey Maguire

“No man knows the value of innocence and integrity but he who has lost them. William Godwin Innocence can be more powerful than experience.”
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu 

“Once you start asking questions, innocence is gone.”
Mary Astor 

“Victims suggest innocence. And innocence, by the inexorable logic that governs all relational terms, suggests guilt.”
Susan Sontag 

“Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being.”
Albert Camus 

I love the excitement, the childlike spirit of innocence, and just about everything that goes along with Christmas.
Hillary Scott  

“The price of wisdom is innocence. So, I have become wiser but sadly a little less innocent.
Mahira Khan

“A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men.”
Martin Farquhar Tupper

“Over time, naturally, you lose your innocence from gaining knowledge. You can’t be innocent forever, but there’s something in innocence you need to regain to be creative.”
Albert Hammond, Jr. 

Puberty is such a confusing time. You are still a child, with all that wonderful naivete and innocence, but your body is changing, and you’re self-conscious and curious about its impact on others all at the same time.”
Maimouna Doucoure 

“Innocence is one of the most exciting things in the world.”
Eartha Kitt 

“It’s innocence when it charms us, ignorance when it doesn’t”.
Mignon McLaughlin

“There is no aphrodisiac like innocence.”
Jean Baudrillard  

“Resentment seems to have been given us by nature for a defense, and a defense only! It is the safeguard of justice and the security of innocence.”
Adam Smith 

“I’ve kept alive my childlike innocence. I don’t let anything or anyone dampen my zest for life. Now, that’s very important.”

“Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with self-actualization.” 
Bo Bennett 

“Through our own recovered innocence, we discern the innocence of our neighbors.”
Henry David Thoreau 

I’ve always been fascinated with the stealing of innocence. It’s the most heinous crime, and certainly, a capital crime if there ever was one.”
Clint Eastwood 

“Every life is a march from innocence, through temptation, to virtue or vice.” 
Lyman Abbott 

“The knowledge that makes us cherish innocence makes innocence unattainable. Irving Howe The main thing about SpongeBob is that he celebrates innocence. His outlook on life is very optimistic and earnest, and I think kids relate to that. He has a creative spark in the same way children are very creative from an open and naive perspective.”
Stephen Hillenburg 

“Not even the brightest future can make up for the fact that no roads lead back to what came before – to the innocence of childhood or the first time we fell in love.” 
Jo Nesbo 

I’m interested in how innocence fares when it collides with hard reality.” 
Geoffrey S. Fletcher 

“What innocence, may I ask, is being played here when it is known that this virtuous damsel has already got a dozen illegitimate children?”
Nikita Khrushchev 

The most endearing thing about children is their innocence. Do they have an openness to both loving and being loved? It’s hard to deny that they’re a lot of fun. Beyond this, children are beautiful because they retain a quality that the rest of us have lost: a sense of innocence.

The purity of a child’s heart is what makes us associate them with innocence. However, this does not imply that only children are endowed with it. Our inner child is what preserves the purity of our character. We all have one within ourselves.

The world has evolved to an incredible degree, but this does not mean that it has lost all of its innocence in the name of practicality. Today, we can see this virtue everywhere, and if we know someone who owns it, we can see the advantages it provides for us.

This growing awareness of one’s sinfulness and goodness may be referred to as “the tree of knowledge of good and evil,” as in the biblical story of Adam and Eve. If you’re thrown into a world devoid of color and significance, you might spend the rest of your life trying to reclaim it.

Innocence and stupidity are not the same. This does not mean that someone is stupid if they are innocent because this does not imply that they lack intelligence or anything else. It simply states that they are immune to the whims of the world and can remain unaffected by them. 

Because they like who they are, they’d prefer to remain that way throughout their lives. If we can all maintain our innocence, the world will be a better place to live. 

To be truly innocent, one must go beyond mere ignorance. The part of the mind that can enter mental universes from which one is soon to be permanently excluded is some mysterious operation of the imagination in this sense.

Joe Davies