How to Find Your Soul’s Purpose (4 Ways)

If you’re trying to find your soul’s purpose, you might have no idea where to begin. Some people feel they can’t transcend in life until they’ve first identified their soul’s purpose, but how do you find yours?

Here is an overview that can help you on how to find your soul’s purpose so you can start moving in the right direction with your life and achieve true happiness.

What exactly is a soul’s purpose?

A soul’s purpose for most people is the reason they were born. Some people who have experienced one or more accidents that could have been fatal but weren’t will state that they didn’t die because they hadn’t yet completed their soul’s purpose, or their reason for being on earth.

That could very well be true, which is why it’s imperative to find your soul’s purpose in order to be truly happy.

Does everyone have a soul’s purpose?

Does everyone have a soul's purpose?

Yes, even if a person doesn’t believe they do, everyone has a soul’s purpose. Sometimes, convincing certain people that they have a soul’s purpose and they should seek it out can seem almost impossible.

Most of the time, the individual has to come to that conclusion on their own. A friend or family member can offer encouragement and support to assist a person discover their soul’s purpose, but the individual has to put in some effort as well, because only that person truly knows what their passions may be.

How can you determine your soul’s purpose?

It can seem challenging to determine what your soul’s purpose is, but by taking the time to seek it out, you can determine what it is. It’s likely that you have been given clues over the years as to what your life’s purpose might be, but you may have missed them.

You should focus on the things that you’re passionate about in life, as these could be some important clues to determining your soul’s purpose.

Seek out possible clues

Seek out possible clues

One way to find out what your passions and any prospective clues mean is to try writing down everything. Make a list of all the possible clues you may have received over the years.

Even if you aren’t sure these were clues to what your soul’s purpose is, write them down anyway, because they could possibly help you find what you’re looking for.

If you can’t remember any clues that you may have received in the past, you should start looking out for current and future clues as to what your soul’s purpose may be.

They’re there, you just have to be open to receiving them.

What are you passionate about?

What are you passionate about?

Furthermore, you should write down everything that you’re passionate about. This list could consist of several things like: children, writing, public speaking, leading others, eating healthily, using cannabis as medicine, animals, and more.

From this particular list, you might determine that it’s your soul’s purpose to teach others about the benefits of eating healthfully and treating their ailments via natural means. Or, your soul’s purpose could be to write children’s books about health, using animals to make learning for children fun.

The possibilities are endless, and only you can make the final determination regarding what your passions are trying to tell you.

Focus on the positive aspects of your life

Focus on the positive aspects of your life

Many people’s soul’s purpose is to help others to improve their lives in some way. If you’ve overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, perhaps it’s your purpose to help others to overcome the same addiction.

It could be your calling to obtain a college degree and become a drug and alcohol counselor, or maybe it’s your purpose to open your own home for women or men in recovery. 

If you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, perhaps it’s meant for you to write a book about how you did it, or start a blog detailing your experience, which would enable others to ask questions and more.

Determine what your dreams are

Determine what your dreams are

Once you take the time to determine what your dreams truly are, it will likely make it easier to determine what your soul’s purpose is. While it may not seem as if your dreams have anything to do with your soul’s purpose, the two are very closely related.

Your soul’s purpose can come to you like something that you dream about doing, which is, again, something that you’re passionate about. 

If you feel as if your life is missing something or as if you’ve been unable to experience any success or fulfillment because you haven’t found your life’s purpose, hopefully, these tips can help you to finally determine what your soul’s purpose is.

Once you’ve determined what your soul’s purpose is, you should be able to move on with purpose, inspiration, and motivation and work on living your life to the fullest.

Joe Davies