How To Be Your Best Self? (15 Ways)

What image of yourself do you have in your mind? What do you envision for the future of your own life? Most of us want to become the best version of ourselves, but only a few people do it. How to be your best self?

Getting what you want and living a life that’s full of passion and purpose isn’t easy, but you make it even more difficult for yourselves by not believing you can do it.

Set goals, think bigger, be realistic, discover your strengths, and take on some challenges if you want to be the best version of yourself. Loving, believing, and motivating are the key recipes to reaching your dreams.

Regularly speak positive affirmations, cultivate inner peace, and remember to celebrate small victories while you carve your path to betterment.

Some of us are self-destructive without even realizing it, and others are aware of the fact but don’t have the knowledge to change for the better. In this article, we have compiled the 15 ways of becoming your best self that will help your goal. 

15 Ways To Be Your Best Self

15 Ways To Be Your Best Self

Probably, you have thought of yourself as a nobody for a long time. Now, you want to suddenly change your mental picture of yourself and start believing in yourself. You may not be able to accomplish this in a single day, but you only need to put in a little effort.

You may lose your courage and decide to give up on becoming your best self. There is a big reason why you changed how you do things. The root of the problem is a shift in your working style. Determine what new activity makes you want to quit and devise a plan to succeed.

Below are ways how to be your best self that will help achieve your dream and be the person your future self would thank for.

1. Set Goals

Every action you take should be linked to a specific goal. As a result, you’ll be able to focus more naturally. The things you want to accomplish in a given amount of time should be written down. Set a timetable for achieving your goals and stick to them.

Setting goals will help you grow as a person and improve your concentration.

2. Think bigger

Great minds tend to dream big. Start by analyzing the way you think. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the greatest thinkers in history. What you do practically and how you view yourself afterward are heavily influenced by the thoughts that run through your head.

Think positively and always know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. To become the great person you imagine yourself to be, you must first register positive thoughts in your mind.

3. Believe in Yourself

To succeed, you need to have faith in yourself. Believing in your greatness will help you achieve your goals. Look in the mirror and you’ll see a person who has achieved success. Don’t be afraid to show off your best self.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, and have faith in your ability to succeed. Having low self-esteem doesn’t mean you’re a failure or a low-quality person. Be confident that you have what it takes to succeed.

4. Motivate Yourself

You’ll come to understand the importance of motivation in your life. In the face of setbacks, motivation keeps you pushing forward until your objectives are achieved. Reading motivational quotes aloud is a great way to keep yourself going.

Listening to motivational speakers is also an option. Attend seminars that will inspire you to reach new heights in your career and your personal life

5. Use Your Time Wisely

It’s critical to pay attention to how you spend your free time. Don’t waste your time on pointless pursuits. Spend more time doing things that help you grow as a person. When you’ve got too much on your plate, it’s time to delegate.

Make the most of technology to help you complete your assignments more quickly. When you’re at your peak, you must learn how to manage your time effectively.

6.  Be Realistic

You don’t have to be flawless or perfect to be your best self. You will make mistakes as you strive to achieve your goals and become the person you want to be. There will be ups and downs in life. So be it. As previously stated, imperfection is the new perfection.

7. Forget Past Failures

If you don’t let go of your past failures, they will keep you from moving forward. Making better choices in the future is the only way to learn from your mistakes. Every great person you know has had their share of failures.

8. Discover Your Strengths

You must discover your strengths and use them to become the best version of yourself. Pay attention to where your talents lie and use them to your advantage.

To become the best version of yourself, you must first discover yourself. Regardless of what your talents are, use them to your advantage as you work toward becoming your best self.

9. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Staying in your comfort zone may make you feel safe and secure, but it can also prevent you from making progress toward your goal. No matter how hard we try, sometimes the only way to grow into our best selves is to push ourselves beyond our current limits.

Do more of the things about which you are apprehensive or uncertain. Begin a conversation if you’re attracted to the other person. Don’t be afraid to show off your skills and ask for a raise or promotion at work. You can reap great rewards if you are willing to take a risk and go for it.

10. Take On New Challenges

Taking risks can lead to great rewards. Don’t let fear of failure keep you from trying new things. As a result, you should be open to new possibilities and willing to step outside your comfort zone.

To become a better person, don’t run away from difficult tasks. Don’t be afraid to take on challenges that seem daunting.

11. Develop Peace Of Mind

If your mind is always on edge, you won’t be able to perform at your best. It will make it more difficult for you to maintain concentration on your work. Spend some time each day establishing a sense of serenity and inner calm.

There are a variety of ways to relax, including meditation, listening to music, and engaging in other activities.

12. Eliminate All Distractions

There are always things that can get in the way of us becoming the person we want to be in life. Consider what’s stopping you. Your outlook may be too pessimistic. You may need to let go of a toxic person or you may have a phone addiction.

Try to identify and then eliminate all of the things that are keeping you from being the best version of yourself.

13.  Speak Positive Affirmations

It is possible to boost your self-esteem and stay focused on your goals by reciting positive affirmations. You should come up with a few statements that fit within your goals.

You can write them down or recite them to yourself every day to remind yourself of your goals. “I am well,” or “I believe in myself,” are two examples of affirmations.

14.  Celebrate Small Wins

Achieving even the smallest of your goals is a cause for celebration. The progress you’ve made thus far is the result of years of hard work.

You should be thankful when you see a new weight on the scale or a good score on a test. It’s important to keep your spirits up so that you can continue to put your best foot forward.

15. Love yourself

The tendency is to doubt our own ability to perform at our highest level. Recognizing that you are enough is essential. If you’re not perfect, there is still a way to get what you want despite your flaws. Just because you’re here doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be loved.


Don’t succumb to defeat and become a constant source of self-doubt. Possibilities and preparation are just around the corner, waiting for you to take advantage of them. You have the power to make today, tomorrow, and every day after that, the best day of your life.

Become your best self, and you’ll have a wealth of accomplishments and happiness to show for it. Just follow these guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to your goal. Face the day with a firm resolve to bring out your best self. Don’t give up! Just keep trying!

How To Be Your Best Self
Joe Davies