How to Be Mentally Strong and Happy (18 Ways)

Some people settle themselves into their experiences and learning in life. They tend to be less happy and weak as their beliefs and perspectives are polluted with negativities.

This situation results in complete sadness and sometimes leads to mental health struggles which are a serious problem worldwide. Are there any ways to improve this outlook in life?

Some ways to be mentally strong and happy are to surround and influence yourself with positive people and inspirational ideas.

Establishing and reaching goals helps you find your objectives in life. You must also avoid complaining and pleasing other people while welcoming positive changes. 

Here are the ways on how to be mentally strong and happy. By observing the following, you can enhance your viewpoints in life and develop your manners to achieve success. 

 18 Ways To Be Mentally Strong and Happy

How to Be Mentally Strong and Happy (18 Ways)

To be mentally strong, one must be in tune with one’s emotions as well as one’s body and have a positive outlook on most situations.

Most of what we fear doesn’t happen at all. So, what’s the point of having thought about them all the time?

Often, our greatest fear is a failure, but fearing too much can spread like wildfire and obliterate our entire path.

Mentally strong people can open the door of courage to avoid depression and anxiety when life storms hit them.

The real test is whether or not you can strengthen your frame of mind. Yes, this is a behavior trait that we can all work on and refine!

The pain we all feel at some point in our lives is universal. A loved one’s death or illness, for example, or a lack of drive to accomplish our daily goals are all examples of this.

It’s easy to get sucked into a spiral of fear and anxiety if we don’t know how to control our emotions and thoughts.

Here are 18 ways how to be mentally strong and happy when hard times kicks in:

1. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Nothing is more efficient in making yourself mentally strong and happy by interacting with optimistic people.

To prevent negativities, positive remarks, inspirations, support, and encouragement are the best factors to strengthen your perspective.

Their influence plays a huge role in building someone’s character and outlook. As much as possible, look for family members and friends that can provide you with positivity.

2. Watch Your Manners

A strong person knows how to face problems and accept mistakes. They are responsible to solve the circumstances they encounter.

Practicing this behavior can help you strengthen your mentality and absorb it in future troubles.

Acceptance is also important in learning your faults. Once you know how to be vigilant of your manners, you will perceive how to treat and understand other people. 

3. Influence Yourself With Inspirational Ideas

Technology is very accessible in this generation and with an internet connection, all information, and entertainment you need is just one search away.

Use this advantage to fill yourself with inspiration materials by reading encouraging quotes and listening to podcasts that can lift your viewpoints in life. 

Although we might spend our web usage watching videos and chatting, giving yourself time for this activity enhances your mental aspects. 

4. Forget Negative Thoughts And Focus On Positive Ones

Negative thoughts may seem natural to a human but letting yourself drown in them is not advisable. It can lead to serious mental health illnesses that will change and affect your life.

If you are starting to feel negativity right now, try to replace it with positive thoughts. People are anxious and bothered sometimes.

This always happens once conflicts trigger them to overthink so as much as possible, be optimistic always. 

5. Create and Reach Goals

Most people say they lack the motivation to pursue something they planned for their life. This mindset is sometimes influenced by the thoughts if they can do it, other people’s judgments, and the lack of consistency.

If you have already created a goal, try to reach it even with circumstances trying to stop you. 

There are instances that you may feel stuck in place and you’re not improving which leads you to cancel it. Pushing your goals can bring you to an unexpected journey, so don’t give up.

6. Take Care of Yourself and Others

Self-care is needed to enhance your mentality to be strong and happy. Improving your physical appearance and freeing yourself from stress are small ways in taking care of yourself.

If things get overwhelming, go get a sufficient amount of rest and unwind because you are just a human.

Remember your limitations and avoid pushing yourself too hard to the point that you cannot function properly anymore. 

Saying “no” to others is not a bad thing especially if it’s work-related. This is self-care since you know when to stop. Avoid accepting everything and end up draining and messing up your mental health. 

Apart from self-care, you can contribute to someone else’s mental improvement through compliments.

Support others by telling them positive comments as this will inspire them to continue. Knowing that other people appreciate you will make you feel special. Go and inspire others genuinely!

7. Be Strong and Avoid Self-Pity

Being a mentally strong person shows that you know what to do in any kind of problem and learn from the mistakes immediately.

Self-pity is a red flag if you want to be strong and happy.

This will pull you down and saddened by your situation which can escalate to depression. Acknowledge the error and move on to be strong.

8. Open Yourself for Positive Changes

Positive self-improvements are hard to apply especially if you avoid accepting and opening yourself to them. Since mentally strong people accept mistakes fast, they tend to open their minds to changes for the better.

It may seem to be a struggle in adapting to a new perspective and atmosphere but this is how to make yourself strong and happy in the future. 

9. Avoid Complaining Over Things

You can complain about the things that impact you but avoid such things that are unmanageable. Some situations such as traffic congestion are great examples of situations that you can’t control.

People with a strong mentality won’t complain about these types of incidents. They know how to control their behavior and focus on the things they are responsible for. 

10. Avoid Pleasing Other People

It weakens someone’s emotions if they receive negative comments from other people. After agonizing over harsh words, they start to be anxious about others’ opinions about them. It results in them pleasing everyone and trying to fit into society’s standards which is a bad thing.

Knowing your mistakes is important but struggling to be the person you are not is invalidating your real self. Focus on your satisfaction and happiness so you can be strong. 

11. Be Adventurous

Dangers are something you should watch out for in dealing with different situations. People with a strong mentality tend to think ahead of the possible outcome of their actions.

Although this is not a negative thing, trying to take risks can sometimes make you brave. It’s similar to facing your fears but always be careful in proceeding with the risks.

Think about it before deciding. 

12. Forget The Past

If you are still stuck in the past, you may not be able to function properly in dealing with future endeavors. Past experiences can give you learning and wounds which can affect you in the present.

These factors make people dwell on the past and you must overcome it through acceptance.

Think about how you can’t change it and recognize the positive effects as to how it made you a strong person. Without it, you will not be who you are right now. 

13. Remember Your Mistakes and Avoid it

Acknowledging and accepting your mistakes helps you to avoid repeating them in the future. Mentally strong people prevent their mistakes from happening again since they have already changed them.

Remember that fault that caused huge disadvantages so the next time you are placed in similar circumstances, you know the things to exclude and what to consider.

Constant replacement of old negative behavior also helps in absorbing the correct perspective. 

 14. Celebrate Others’ Success

Celebrating other people’s success aids you to be strong and happy. You might have heard that some people get jealous after seeing that others are more successful than them.

These kinds of mindsets will make you unhappy since you tend to compete and compare yourself. It’s like you establish your goals to surpass other people and not to satisfy your life’s real objective.  

15. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Being honest does not only show good manners but makes you a strong person too.  A person needs to give their honest opinions, feedback, and even telling mistakes as it can help you to create a strong bond with other people since they trust you.

Some points in honesty may seem to hurt others due to a lack of open-mindedness and refusal to accept the truth. Always be honest and learn how to accept and respect others’ opinions and judgments. 

16. Be Happy

A person is not happy if they are genuinely not happy. People define happiness in the form of laughs and smiles.

You can’t be happy if you’re crying except if the tears are caused by happiness. Showing a positive vibe to others can also influence their mood. 

17. Take Challenges As Stepping Stones 

Not everything is easy and once you feel hardships, it’s a sign that you’re overcoming and learning from them.

Take it as an opportunity to grow and be positive in facing the challenges. In the end, it will turn out successful and make you strong. 

18. Spend Money For Fun Activities

Happiness cannot be achieved without satisfying yourself with the things that make you happy.

Buying something for yourself or engaging in several fun activities generates that feeling of joy. Go and enjoy yourself sometimes because you deserve it. 

Making schedules in doing your hobby every day’s another way to unwind and be productive. If you want to play musical instruments, write some journals, learn other things, and more, do it as it can contribute to your happiness. 


Identifying your happiness and knowing your weakness helps you comprehend how to fill it. You can’t be strong if you settle to your current status and at the same time, sadness will dominate your emotions if you let it consume you.

Make sure that you are taking care of yourself and acknowledging mistakes so you can move to improve them. 

How to Be Mentally Strong and Happy - Conclusion
Joe Davies