70 Best Affirmations for Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Have you been feeling down lately? Are you struggling with your self-confidence and self-esteem with everything that’s going on around you?

When you experience this, it’s important that you remember how to reconnect with your innermost self by repeating positive affirmations.

When you have high self-esteem, you should feel good about yourself which means that you feel positive, confident, and have less stress.

No matter your current situation in life and the challenges that you’re facing, you are confident that you can handle everything in a mature and composed manner.

Affirmations can assist in the replacement of negative thoughts with good ones. They use the mind’s power to help you become your best self and live your happiest life by controlling your intentions toward it.

Affirmations have been shown to reduce stress in the body. 

The goal is to keep repeating the affirmations while setting an aim for each one. The idea is for you to believe the positive affirmation and your behavior to change for the better if you say it frequently enough.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to repeat a single affirmation or a series of affirmations. When you’ve chosen affirmations or phrases that resonate with you, repeat them three times slowly and deliberately, feeling empowered as you do so.

Close your eyes and let this encouragement sink in when you’re ready. You can also gaze in the mirror and confidently repeat them. Take a deep breath and let each affirmation relax all the parts of your body wherever you are.

In this article, we will list down 70 of the best positive affirmations for self-confidence and self-love. We will also discuss why you should use positive affirmations to boost your self-confidence, and how to use them properly. Read on to learn more.

Why Use Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Self-Confidence?

Why Use Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Self-Confidence?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, repeating positive affirmations every day can have a significant impact in your life. Here are some of the reasons why you should use positive affirmations to boost your self-confidence:

1. It helps you to mentally change the course of your life

Changing your life means changing your identity, which can be extremely stressful and daunting. Daily self-confidence affirmations might help you trust and believe the process.

2. It opens up unlimited beliefs

You may believe that you are completely prepared for this major life shift, yet you always find and lead yourself in situations where you are unable to act: you feel as if you lack the necessary time, resources, or family support.

What’s more?

These are typically just restricting assumptions, as the timing of everything that’s happening to you will never be perfect. When your beliefs stop benefiting you and prohibit you from doing anything you want to achieve, they become restrictive.

By repeating the positive affirmations that you’ve chosen, you can change your limiting beliefs and, later on, improve your self-confidence.

3. It helps create a positive cycle in your everyday life

Once your self-confidence and self-esteem improve, you may notice the following:

  • When things start to get hard, you won’t be easily discouraged.
  • You will start to be more consistent with the habits that you want to create that direct you to your goals.
  • You are more open to trying new things.

70 Best Positive Affirmations for Self-Confidence and Self-Love

70 Best Positive Affirmations for Self-Confidence and Self-Love
  1. I love myself.
  2. I am worthy of love.
  3. I am worthy of success.
  4. I am supported in all I do in life.
  5. I am a special person. There’s nobody else like me.
  6. I love myself more and more each day.
  7. I am worthy of happiness.
  8. I deserve to be paid well for my skills.
  9. I have the power to create the life I want.
  10. I am a successful and happy person.
  11. I believe in myself.
  12. I am surrounded by grace and positivity.
  13. People want to hear my thoughts and opinions. My voice is important.
  14. I am perfect just the way I am.
  15. I am beautiful, intelligent, fun, and full of life.
  16. People value my work, my time, and my love.
  17. One of my most remarkable qualities is [fill in the blank].
  18. Nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams.
  19. I am enough.
  20. I respect myself, and others appreciate me.
  21. There’s absolutely nothing out of my reach.
  22. I am doing a great job.
  23. I am whole and complete.
  24. My body is beautiful, exactly the way it is.
  25. I have everything I need to succeed.
  26. The love I give myself is reflected in all areas of my life.
  27. I can have everything I want in life.
  28. I attract wonderful things into my life.
  29. There’s nothing I need to do or be to earn love or respect.
  30. Everything is possible for me.
  31. What I want is coming to me.
  32. My contributions are valued and appreciated.
  33. Nothing is more potent than my belief in me.
  34. I am creative, strong, powerful, brave, and inspired.
  35. My goals are already being accomplished.
  36. There’s nothing I need to change about myself to be accepted and loved.
  37. I am worthy of the compliments I receive.
  38. People look up to me.
  39. Many people like me and admire me.
  40. Each day I am more & more aware of my innate beauty, creativity & abundance.
  41. I believe in my ability to express my true self with ease.
  42. I am empowered to have the things I seek.
  43. I can assert myself and stand up for myself and others.
  44. I have much self-worth and inner beauty.
  45. I like who I am and who I am becoming.
  46. I deserve everything good that comes to me.
  47. I am grounded, supported, and deeply loved.
  48. My life is a miracle, and I belong here.
  49. I am deeply grateful for my body, my health, and my unique talents.
  50. People want what I have.
  51. I choose to trust the process.
  52. I release negative self-talk and do not need validations from others.
  53. All I need to succeed is within me.
  54. I show up every day and do my best.
  55. I know I can face every challenge with ease, there is nothing I cannot overcome.
  56. I am in full control of my life.
  57. I believe in my abilities and express my true self with ease.
  58. I am creating my dream life every single day.
  59. My power is unlimited.
  60. I have or can easily get everything I need to succeed.
  61. I grow with every challenge.
  62. I let go of limiting beliefs and choose to trust myself.
  63. I am consistent in my hard work.
  64. I am confident in my abilities.
  65. I have the power to change the world.
  66. I am growing and learning every day.
  67. I am confident and value myself.
  68. I believe in myself and my skills.
  69. I can do anything I set my mind to.
  70. I look fondly upon memories of my past.

How to Use Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Self-Confidence?

How to Use Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Self-Confidence?

1. Feel the change of doing positive affirmations

Choose a few affirmations for self-confidence and self-esteem that speak to you deeply. It’s crucial to be able to feel these affirmations in order for them to work for you.

2. Repeat your chosen affirmations when you need them the most

Do you have a certain event coming up where you’ll require self-assurance? It could be as simple as telling your job you need more flexible hours to start your own business, asking someone out, or simply talking to that one family member who is always so judgmental.

Just before that, you might repeat positive affirmations for abundance and success and act accordingly.

3. Use your affirmations once you start second-guessing yourself

It’s easy to second-guess every decision you make; don’t allow that to stop you from achieving your goals! Once you notice your thoughts drifting you to second-guessing yourself, redirect them using your positive affirmations to boost your self-confidence.

4. Use your affirmations when you’re journaling or meditating

There are two techniques that you can do to better practice your positive affirmations: one is early in the morning and the second is before going to bed.

  • Positive affirmation meditation. This is a simple meditation method that involves mentally repeating a phrase to yourself while visualizing and feeling it. Using affirmations as a mantra for confidence and self-esteem is one of the easiest ways to practice affirmations.
  • Journaling your affirmations. Spend 5 minutes journaling about your selected affirmation using the following prompt: “What will change in my life if I knew this to be true?” 

5. Act as if your affirmations are already true.

To improve your life, you must take action. Mental work and believing in your goals are excellent initial steps, but they are insufficient. So, even if it feels strange at first, behave with self-assurance.


Saying positive affirmations to yourself to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem can easily be achieved if you repeat, believe, and trust the words that you say.

Choose the best affirmations that fit close to your heart and to the goals that you want to achieve. 

Joe Davies