100+ Affirmation For Self Love That Will Lift Your Spirit

The old saying goes, “If you believe it, it’s possible.” You can put this saying into practice by using positive affirmations. Having a deep appreciation for one’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being can help cultivate a sense of self-worth and self-love.

One definition of self-love is having a high regard for one’s happiness and well-being. When you’re self-loving, you don’t put others’ needs ahead of your own. Self-love means never settling for less than you deserve.

Self-love affirmations may be just what you need to rewire your brain and change your outlook and the energy you’re sending out into the universe.

Here are some examples: “In all situations, I am calm and relaxed; I reclaim my power; I surround myself with happiness and peace, and I choose to focus on happy moments.”

It is possible to use affirmations to change one’s negative thoughts into more positive and productive ones.

If you are looking for ways to improve your relationship with yourself, this collection of affirmation for self love is for you!

Affirmations For Self Love

Affirmations For Self Love

Each person’s definition of self-love is unique, as we all have our unique methods of self-care at our disposal. Developing a personal definition of self-love is an essential part of a healthy mental state.

There is no one-size-fits-all affirmation, so find one that resonates with you. An affirmation of your self-worth could be something positive about your character or a good decision you made.

Even if we don’t know it, we all deserve to be loved, even by ourselves. Self-love affirmations can help boost your self-esteem and value, as well as give you the love you truly deserve.

Self-doubt and fear can be overcome with the help of these daily sayings.

Daily Self-Love Affirmations

  1. In all situations, I am calm and relaxed.
  2. My muscles are relaxed.
  3. My tension melts away.
  4. I’m calm and relaxed.
  5. I like being around people.
  6. I am thankful for the good in my life.
  7. Each deep breath brings me peace.
  8. I’m letting go of all negative emotions.
  9. I deserve a happy and peaceful life.
  10. I’m inhaling deeply, filling myself with calm.
  11. I am letting go of all my fears.
  12. I merit happiness and joy.
  13. I feel calm and at ease.
  14. I surround myself with happiness and peace.
  15. I choose to focus on happy moments.
  16. My feelings and situation are only temporary.
  17. Peace, tranquility and other pleasant feelings fill my being.
  18. My thoughts are slowing.
  19. My breathing is anchored in my core and is relaxing to my body and mind.
  20. Relaxing my body and mind helps me solve problems faster.
  21. I reclaim my power.
  22. I’m naturally calm.
  23. I’m letting go of my worries.
  24. I am in charge of my life.
  25. I am a positive person who attracts positive things.
  26. I am prepared to handle this situation effectively.
  27. This situation will pass, so I choose to remain calm.
  28. I trust my gut and am always guided to make wise choices.
  29. My power comes from peace.
  30. Today and every day, I choose joy.

Self-Love Affirmations for Body Positive 

  1. I am lovely.
  2. My body does not define me.
  3. Just a number, right?
  4. I appreciate my body’s contributions.
  5. I am happy with my looks.
  6. My body is amazing.
  7. I let go of negative body images.
  8. I am fit and strong.
  9. I am vivacious.
  10. Size has nothing to do with self-worth.
  11. I let go of my body shame.
  12. I accept my body as it is.
  13. My mind will not bully my body.
  14. I choose to let go of my body.
  15. Hating my body won’t help me.
  16. Life is more than worrying about my appearance.
  17. I look just like I should.
  18. It’s a gift.
  19. I deserve to feel good.
  20. Thank you, Thighs, for taking me there.
  21. Life begins now, not when I reach my goal weight.

Self-Love Affirmations for Positivity

  1. I believe the Universe is working for my good.
  2. Everything will be fine.
  3. A day, a step at a time.
  4. I am at peace with life.
  5. It’s simple to relax.
  6. I choose peace.
  7. And I deserve happiness, health, and peace.
  8. I can’t change everything, and that’s OK.
  9. I keep getting lucky.
  10. Relaxation is my normal state.
  11. I deserve good things.
  12. I exhale fear and inhale confidence.
  13. I unconditionally accept myself.
  14. I am invincible.
  15. I am stronger than I think.
  16. I can overcome any obstacle.
  17. I am strong.
  18. It’ll be fine.
  19. Everything is simple for me.
  20. I’m improving my self-care.
  21. I am becoming more relaxed.
  22. I deserve kindness.
  23. I take one step at a time.
  24. I command my thoughts.
  25. I am proud.
  26. I can handle my responsibilities.
  27. I let myself heal.
  28. I am letting go of stress.
  29. I am relaxing my entire body.
  30. I love my life and cherish it.

Self-Love Affirmation for Self-Esteem, and Forgiveness

  1. I forgive myself.
  2. I accept my past.
  3. I am proud of my progress.
  4. I am stunning.
  5. I’m doing my best.
  6. Every day I learn to love myself more.
  7. I’m a work in progress.
  8. I am open to new perspectives.
  9. I let go of outdated beliefs.
  10. I deserve love.
  11. I am only a human.
  12. We all make mistakes.
  13. I did my best.
  14. Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh.
  15. I’ve learned from my errors.
  16. I can move on and forget about it.
  17. Beating myself up does no good.
  18. I’ll try harder.
  19. Change is never too late.
  20. My challenges are gifts.
  21. I choose to move on.
  22. My past does not shape my present.
  23. My regrets are lifted from me.
  24. I revoke my self-punishment privilege.
  25. Every day I learn more.
  26. My failures define me, not me them.
  27. I’m tough.
  28. That’s all I can do, try my best.
  29. I respect my life’s path.
  30. My aim is growth, not perfection.
  31. My perseverance defines success.
  32. I resolve to get out of my head and into the world.

Self-Love Affirmations for Anxiety

  1. Right now, I am safe.
  2. Every second makes me stronger.
  3. I’m slowly opening up to inner peace.
  4. In reality, I am blessed, loved, and aides.
  5. Stronger than I think.
  6. I trust life’s process.
  7. Life is always on my side.
  8. This is good.
  9. I am relaxing my entire body.
  10. This is my world.
  11. I enjoy my life and find reasons to be thankful.
  12. I can overcome obstacles.
  13. I believe in my resilience.
  14. I am loved and blessed.
  15. I accept myself and find inner peace.
  16. Now I believe in myself!
  17. I’m mending
  18. I adore myself.
  19. I deserve good things.
  20. I respect and love myself.

Self-Love Affirmations for Self-Acceptance 

  1. I am loved, flaws and all.
  2. I love myself completely.
  3. I am entitled to joy.
  4. Like everyone, I have strengths and weaknesses.
  5. No one is flawless.
  6. We’re all work in progress.
  7. I am confident.
  8. I’m enough.
  9. I will be kind to myself.
  10. I am a rare gem.
  11. I adore myself.
  12. My emotions do not scare me.
  13. I’m right where I should be.
  14. I’m a diamond!
  15. I won’t apologize to myself.
  16. I have much to rejoice.
  17. I believe in myself.
  18. In a flash, I’ve lost all self-hat
  19. I’m letting go of judgment.
  20. I am the world’s gift.
  21. I am ready for anything.
  22. I leave pity behind.
  23. Self-compassion is my adorn
  24. I value my inner relationship.
  25. I can achieve my objectives.
  26. I have much to give.
  27. I prefer positive thinking.
  28. I accept my limitations and appreciate my abilities.

How To Use Positive Affirmations Effectively

How To Use Positive Affirmations Effectively

Using positive affirmations to their fullest potential. When it comes to affirmations, here are the steps on how to make sure they work for you.

Step 1: Become a more positive person by focusing on the good

There is a lot of work involved in reciting positive affirmations. It’s unlikely to make much of a difference if you don’t say them regularly and aren’t used to doing so.

If you want to reduce the amount of room for negative thoughts, you must deliberately practice positive thoughts.

A psychology concept known as “survival of the busiest” states that the thoughts that we ponder the most are those that become ingrained in our minds.

Pushing back against our default mode of thinking takes time and effort.

Step 2: Your skepticism should be put on hold

To be honest, saying nice things to yourself in front of the mirror can be a little awkward at first, but resist the urge to give up.

It’s not realistic to expect to become a positive thinker overnight if you’re typically a negative thinker. Allow yourself some time to adjust and come to terms with the new reality.

Step 3: Say them aloud or to yourself

The best way to get started is to say your positive affirmations out loud, rather than simply repeating them in your head. Sometimes hearing things out loud is more powerful than saying them in your head. 

Below are some tricks on how to say your affirmation loudly:

  • Post your positive affirmations around your house on notecards or sticky notes.
  • Keep them on your nightstand so you can see them every morning and night.
  • Use an app on your phone to keep track of your affirmations throughout the day.
  • Remind yourself to read or recite your affirmations every day at the same time by setting a timer for yourself.

Step 4: Affirmations must be accompanied by action

One of the first steps toward positive action is to cultivate a positive mindset. However, positive thinking alone will not suffice. What’s convincing to us, as humans, is when we see a behavior change.

You have to give yourself the chance to have interactions that prove your negative thinking wrong. A person’s new way of thinking is reinforced when they discover their assumptions about what would happen didn’t come true.

When self-affirmation fails… 

When self-affirmation fails… 

Even if you’ve tried positive affirmations, if you can’t shake your doubts and low self-esteem, it may be time for you to seek help from a mental health professional who can help you learn new ways to deal with life’s challenges.

There are times when life can be miserable, and we can’t always change the stressors that cause that misery. However, your thoughts during these difficult times can either stifle you or propel you forward.


Affirming your positive attributes isn’t the same as denying the challenges in your life or those in the world around you.

Make a list of positive affirmations that acknowledge the reality of your current situation while also encouraging you to believe in your ability to persevere and succeed.

All the love you could ever need is already in your body and these affirmations are just one way to learn how to access it. 

We’re proud of you for taking the time you need to accept and bring more love into your life.

Affirmation For Self Love
Joe Davies